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Based on the British series Gavin & StaceyUs & Them is one of several new series that Fox has ordered for their 2013-2014 schedule. The comedy hails from Sony Pictures Television & BBC Worldwide Productions and tells the story of two very different lovers who try to make a long-distance relationship work. Want to know more about Us & Them? TVWise presents a first look at the new series.

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Gavin and Stacey USA is coming soon

Gavin-and-Stacey-U.S.-The show has been renamed Us and Them and will star Jason Ritter(Parenthood) and Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls), reports Radio Times.

The show’s new title is referring to the dynamic between the young couple and their well-meaning, but nosey, friends and family.

In an attempt to embrace that “from different sides of the track” feel, the U.S. script presents Ritter as a city guy and Bledel as his small town girlfriend.

The series is a collaboration between BBC Worldwide and Sony Pictures Television. Corden and Jones will be nearby and keeping an eye on the full 13-episode series.

Fox confirms Friends and Family (Gavin and Stacey USA) Pilot

02.jpgOver at Deadline Hollywood they are reporting that

The original UK series, created by Corden and Jones, chronicled the long-distance relationship between a man from England and a woman from Wales who start off talking on the phone. They eventually decide to meet, and hit it off — but must navigate their eccentric families and friends. The U.S version will focus on the key life moments of the title characters, who try to maintain their relationship while combining their polarizing families’ lives.

The team behind the new show includes David Rosen, Jane Tranter , Julie Gardner , James Corden , Ruth Jones  and  Henry Normal .  Sony TV and BBC Worldwide are producing the show.

America tries to make Gavin and Stacey again.

US Network Fox is adapting The BBC’s Gavin & Stacey, the popular British comedy about the romance between an English man and a Welsh woman with crazy families.

[Deadline Hollywood]

The Fox version of Gavin & Stacey focuses on the key life moments of the title characters who try to maintain their relationship while combining their polarizing families’ lives. Rosen is executive producing with BBC Worldwide Prods’ Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner, Corden, Jones and Baby Cow’s Henry Normal.

This the second stab by a U.S. network to develop an adaptation of Gavin & Stacey. ABC tried it during the 2009-10 development season with Stacy Traub and Hayes Jackson as writers.

Cast talking about a special

Joanna Page wants to make a ‘Gavin and Stacey’ special in Spain.

The 34-year-old actress believes the sitcom will return to screens one day and she would happily reprise her titular role, particularly if filming was done on location.

She said: “I think I can see the show coming back. I’d love to do a special abroad, somewhere hot.

“Two weeks filming in Spain would be brilliant and just meeting everybody again and having a laugh – purely for that. But I don’t think it’ll be for years and years.”

Alison Steadman said:

“There certainly wouldn’t be another series. What we all hope is there might be a Christmas special.

Alison wants Gavin and Stacey back

Gavin and Stacey star Julia Davis in new Sky comedy, Hunderby

Welcome to Hunderby, the latest creation from the queen of black comedy Julia Davis, which has been commissioned for Sky Atlantic.

The seven-part series is set in the 1800s and follows a puritanical pastor who falls in love with a shipwreck survivor with a dubious past.

Alongside the supporting cast of hunchbacks, fiends and wastrels, Davis stars as the pastor’s housekeeper, obsessed with her employer’s dead first wife.

‘The genius of Julia Davis comes to Sky Atlantic HD’, said Lucy Lumsden, Head of Comedy for Sky. ‘Her sick and twisted sense of humour has found its natural home and we can’t wait to unleash it onto our customers later this year.’

Hunderby is Julia Davis’s first series since the award-winning Nighty Night and will air on Sky Atlantic in summer 2012. Along with Kathy Burke’s Walking and Talking, it forms a raft of new comedy heading to the channel this year.

The series is a Baby Cow Production and will be executive produced by Henry Normal, Armando Iannucci and Lindsay Hughes, and produced by John Rushton.

Hunderby airs Summer 2012

Prime Minister is a huge fan of Gavin and Stacey

David Cameron Gavin and Stacey

David Cameron has urged television bosses to make another series of Welsh comedy hit Gavin and Stacey as he revealed he was a “huge fan”.

At a No 10 reception held to mark St David’s Day, the Prime Minister joked that it was “tidy” to have series star Joanna Page among the guests but pleaded “we need more episodes”.

Mr Cameron, who later “bowed down” before the actress, said: “I’m a huge fan. Like all sitcoms in the United Kingdom it was much too short, we need more episodes.

“It’s an absolutely fantastic piece of work and gave pleasure to absolutely millions.”


Gavin and Stacey to return next Christmas?

Mathew Horne expects a Gavin and Stacey special next year.

He says: “It hasn’t died down – if anything it’s intensified purely because it is on all the time.

“There won’t be another series, but there are talks about something next year, perhaps a Christmas special.

“It’s been mooted but there is no script and no dates, nothing like that.

“It would be lovely to work with everyone else again – as long as the script is right, which inevitably it will be.”

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